About myself

Who am I?

If you sometimes detect a personal note on this site - that's me. My name is Paul Janse and I am a Dutch Ilf and Petrov lover. I studied Russian through self-study, in private lessons with several native Russians and at an institute for translators. I translated Ilf and Petrov's 'travelogue' Одноэтажная Америка into Dutch. (The Dutch title is Amerika eenhoog.)

I work as an independent translator, translating texts from English and Russian into Dutch. Besides books, I also translate shorter texts, in a broad range of fields, including ICT, culture, commerce and science. See my website (in Dutch) for more information or contact me by way of the form.

I need your help!

To make this site more interesting and useful, I cannot do without your help. Any comments are more than welcome.


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